Aircraft Refueling

Freeman Holdings Group is capable of assuming all refueling operations at civilian or military airbases.  Having years of experience in fueling all types of aircraft, Freeman Holdings is highly qualified to service everything from the smallest GA aircraft to the C-5 Galaxy.  All Freeman Holdings’ FBO properties use new fueling trucks specifically built to our specifications.  Since Million Air has never found a school qualified to teach fueling procedures on both civilian airliners and large military aircraft, Million Air provides on-the-job training, along with NATA Safety 1st training and certification, to educate new employees on fueling the various types of aircraft.  With such a wide spectrum of aircraft to work on, Million Air has found that assigning fueling teams is the best option to fuel aircraft, one highly experienced fueler, along with one or two apprentices working together.

Many Million Air employees are retired military personnel who have years of military experience.  Their experience and extensive backgrounds have proven immeasurably beneficial to the FBOs and their clients.  During a seasonal traffic or event driven traffic increase, Million Air can call on any of its other FBOs to pull personnel within our network to aide other locations.  Million Air complies with all Federal, state and local rules and regulations and also complies with NFPA 407 and all applicable FARs and Advisory Circulars.  Our personnel receive ongoing recurrent training in accordance with the FAA, ATA and NATA recommendations.