Scott Freeman

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Freeman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Freeman Holdings Group companies. Since his graduation from the University of Kansas in 1995 with a degree in business administration, Scott has been involved in a wide variety of businesses, including extensive real estate holdings, casinos, aircraft leasing and sales, and post-secondary education. In addition to his work with the FBO companies of thr Freeman Holding Group, Scott also serves as the Vice President and co-owner of the Pinnacle Career Institutes, Inc. which currently have a system-wide enrollment of over 1,700 students.

Scott Freeman is closely involved with all aspects of the operations of the FBO’s, and he travels to each location on a regular basis. Each FBO general manager creates and submits a monthly report of all activities to Scott, who directs his attention to the operations, procedures, policies, and sales.

Scott Freeman also focuses on the development of new FBO locations and monitoring airports nationwide for opportunities to increase the Freeman Holdings Group’s growing number of Million Air FBO locations.