Alexandria, Louisiana (AEX)

Freeman Holdings of Louisiana LLC was established in 2005 when Million Air Alexandria opened an FBO at the former England USAF Base. England’s 9,352 foot runway permits large military aircraft to provide vital support to the Army’s training post at Fort Polk.

Million Air Alexandria quickly became a proud and active member of the team at England Economic and Industrial Development District at England Airpark. The spacious facility is strategically located in the center of the state, making it convenient for easy access and ideal for quick-turn service away from the congestion of smaller facilities. During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, AEX was the focal point for Coast Guard, Air Force, National Guard and other military and civilian operations supporting the relief efforts in southern Louisiana.

Million Air Alexandria handles all fueling and ground services for the military flights at Alexandria International Airport, (AEX), as well as necessary support to three commercial airlines, Delta, Continental and American, which operate from the facility. Million Air Alexandria has the equipment and experience to handle the large uploads/downloads required by the Air Force and Army.

Please visit this location on the Million Air website.