Freeman Holdings Group FBO History

Freeman Holdings Group moved to Forbes Field in March 2001, taking over operations in Topeka with the purpose of increasing sales and service to the military, corporate and general aviation community. Million Air Topeka holds and maintains the government fueling contract with the Defense Logistics Center’s Energy department (DLA Energy).  The military represents a foremost presence on Forbes Field and all transient military traffic utilizes Million Air Topeka for fuel and accompanying services.

In early 2005, Freeman Holdings of Louisiana, L.L.C., acquired two more FBOs, one in Alexandria, Louisiana (AEX) and another in Lake Charles, Louisiana (CWF).  Both FBOs service and support Fort Polk, an army post that serves primarily as a training platform for units preparing to deploy.  Million Air Alexandria is a large operation which handles all ground services for military flights at AEX.  Million Air Alexandria is also the home to four commercial airlines, all supported by Million Air Alexandria.  Million Air Alexandria possesses the equipment and experience to handle the large uploads/downloads required by the Air Force and Army.  Million Air Lake Charles is also an active maintenance airport engaged in extensive defueling operations.

Next, Freeman Holdings of California, L.L.C., acquired the FBO at Victorville, California.  Victorville also maintains an extremely active military operation, providing aircraft ground handling and fueling for all troop movements for the National Training Center.  Recent additions to Freeman Holdings are located in Rome, New York; Moses Lake, Washington; Yuma, Arizona; Riverside, California, Stennis International Airport, Bay St Louis, MS and Sanford, FL.

Our continued rapid growth over the past several years has added a total of fourteen FBOs to the Freeman Holdings Group portfolio.  Twelve of the fourteen Freeman Holdings Group FBOs currently hold the DLA Energy fueling contract.  Freeman Holdings Group has the largest licensee in the Million Air Interlink network and one of the largest civilian contractors providing fuel to the US Government.

Freeman Holdings Group FBOs focus its marketing attention on transient military, corporate and general aviation traffic.  This marketing effort has produced positive results showing increased fuel stops at all locations within our network.  We also are joined with Million Air Interlink and their aggressive marketing and advertising program that targets corporate travelers. With a base customer list of over 1,000 aircraft, Million Air customers tend to stop at other Million Air FBOs due to excellent facilities and services.  This practice alone increases traffic at any given airport.  With the reputation and service experience at all Million Air facilities, it is evident that there is no better way to draw attention to a specific airport or FBO.

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