Our Companies

Nine of the Fixed-Base Operations (FBOs) owned by Freeman Holdings Group are proud members and franchisees of Million Air Interlink, Inc.  The other three of the FBOs are operated under the Freeman name.  Together these FBOs form one of the largest civilian contractors providing fuel to the U.S. government.

>  Freeman Holdings, LLC  (formed March 17, 2000 – Kansas) dba Million Air Topeka
>  Freeman Holdings of Louisiana, LLC  (formed January 24, 2005) dba Million Air Alexandria, Million Air Lake Charles, Freeman Jet Center-Lake Charles Regional, Esler Field (Pineville)
>  Freeman Holdings of California, LLC  (formed July 14, 2005) dba Million Air Victorville
>  Freeman Holdings of New York, LLC  (formed April 27, 2007) dba Million Air Rome
>  Freeman Holdings of Washington, LLC  (formed November 14, 2008) dba Million Air Moses Lake
>  Freeman Holdings of Arizona, LLC  (formed March 18, 2010) dba Million Air Yuma
>  Freeman Holdings of Riverside, LLC  (formed October 19, 2010) – Operating at March Air Reserve Base
>  Freeman Holdings of Mississippi, LLC  (formed August 26, 2011) dba Million Air Stennis
>  Freeman Holdings of Orlando, LLC  (formed July 18, 2013) dba Million Air Orlando
>  Freeman Holdings of Syracuse, LLC  (formed January 25, 2016) dba Million Air Syracuse

Other Companies under the Freeman Holdings Group umbrella

> Freeman Holdings Management, LLC
> Freeman Jet, LLC
> Freeman Holdings Aircraft, LLC
> Honda Jet Holdings, LLC
> Honda Jet Limited, LLC
> Freeman Holdings of Arkansas, LLC
> Freeman Holdings of Texas, LLC dba Luxury Warehousing
> Freeman Leasing, LLC
> Freeman & Hasselwander Resort Properties, LLC  (Tarpon Point, Cape Coral, FL)
> Tarpon Point Realty, LLC
> Freeman & Hasselwander Development Co., LLC
> Freeman Clinic Companies (sold 9/20/2013)